Traits Of A LEO Man…………….


Traits of a Leo Man

A person who is born between July 23 and August 22 belongs to the sun zodiac sign Leo. The symbol of Leo is a Lion and the ruling planet is the Sun. They belong to the element fire and the metal is gold. The lucky day of a Leo is Sunday and the lucky flowers are daffodils and marigolds. Diamonds, rubies and carbuncles are the lucky gems. The lucky colors are yellow, gold and orange. A Leo is optimistic, energetic, honest and loyal. The weaknesses of Leo are ego, dominating nature, possessive and jealousness. These are a few of the general traits of a Leo. Here we look at the personality traits of a Leo man. 

Traits of a Leo Man 

In appearance, a Leo man has a well-proportioned body that is slim and athletic. This gives him a sex appeal. He loves to dress to impress other people. A Leo man is most compatible with Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius. 

One of the traits of a Leo man is, he loves to show off and uses his charm to get things done or get what he wants. He would be an honest and trustworthy friend. He is lavish with both money and affection. He always wishes to be a leader and enjoys the limelight. 

You enter the heart of a Leo man not through the stomach but by being attentive to what he is saying, by showing your appreciation and also by flattering him. If you find a man who is the center of attraction and has an attention seeking nature, you know he is a Leo. 

You can see the ferocious nature of a Leo, if you try dominating him. Otherwise he is the most caring and chivalrous person you could come across. 

A Leo man is a romantic and a passionate person and he cannot survive for long without love and romance. It is easy to make a Leo man fall in love with you. All you do is invite him for a candlelight dinner on a moonlit night with sensual music in the background. He is sure to fall for you. Do not forget to be attentive when he is speaking? 

A Leo man would make a wonder romance partner. He would shower his heartthrob with roses and gifts and also take her out to the best restaurant in the town. Some of the gifts that you can expect from a Leo man are good body sprays and sensual perfumes, love cards and many more. However, remember a Leo is possessive by nature and a Leo man would want you to belong to him wholly. 

In workplace, a Leo man is competent and is willing to take up any challenge. He is a competent businessman. One of the traits of a Leo man is his diplomacy in handling people and also business affairs. They love to give orders but never to take one and another trait is they would never settle for second best. 

A Leo man would make a warm and loving father. He feels it is his responsibility to take care of the education and career growth of his children. He is very particular about their behavior and manners. He is a warm and loving husband and a responsible father.


~ by astrologyonthetips on September 4, 2008.

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  1. great things about leo man and it is very true because i have an instructor who is leo and boy i can see his personality and abroad

  2. Wow Article , I considered it remarkable

    I look forward to more interesting postings like this one. Do you have a RSS I can subscribe to for new posts?

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